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Hey ya*ll
well, i just started this community..
As of now, I am the only one who is making these layouts so please be patient if you do want me to make a layout for you..

Please fill the following out if you want a layout, and please put it behind a lj cut..thanks!

* Journal Title:
* Journal Subtitle:
* Page Cursor:
* Link Cursor:
* Color Scheme: (Tell me all the colors you would like me to use in your layout, hex codes are very helpful here!)
* Font Style:
* Font Size:
* Font Color:
* Text Alignment: (left, right, centered, justify)
* Background Image & Details: (Post a link to the picture and the details on what you'd like me to do with it)
* Background Scrolling: (repeat, no repeat)
* Background Color (If no picture):
* Scrollbar Colors:
* Entry Box Alignment: (left, right, center, etc.)
* Entry Box Width: (% of screen it stretches across)
* Entry Box Background Color: (Or put 'transparent' if you want your background image to show through)
* Border Style: (none, solid, double, dotted, dashed)
* Border Color:
* Border Thickness: (Put 1 - 10, 10 being the thickest, or put a specific thickness in pixels)
* Comment Link Text:
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
-for Post Comment
-for View Comments
* Comment Link Alignment: (left, right, center)
* Link Colors:
(Put a color for each link state below)
* Link Decorations:
(Put an effect for each link state below: none, strikethrough, blur, flipping, bold, underline, overline, highlight, borders, glow, letter spacing)
* Any Details/Anything Else:
* Any Questions/Comments:

PS* I DO NOT..I repeat, I DO NOT resize pictures, make backgrounds or anything like that..so if you need that done for your layout to be made, then you will need to go somewhere else beforehand!! thanks..