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[11 Sep 2004|01:44am]
Whatever, fuck you all this is gay. I mean i come here for service and get nothing. Thanksssss Im outta here
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[03 Jun 2002|07:57pm]

thanks in advance

* Journal Title: Tommorrow belongs to us...
* Journal Subtitle:
* Page Cursor: something cool
* Link Cursor:
* Color Scheme: black and white and pink everything
* Font Style: Franklin Gothic med.
* Font Size: 9
* Font Color: black
* Text Alignment: (left, right, centered, justify)
* Background Image & Details:
* Background Scrolling: no repeat
* Background Color : white
* Scrollbar Colors: pink and black
* Entry Box Alignment: right
* Entry Box Width: 45
* Entry Box Background Color: transparent
* Border Style: double
* Border Color: pink
* Border Thickness: 5
* Comment Link Text:
-for Post Comment grab the mic
-for View Comments started the mosh pit
* Comment Link Alignment: right
* Link Colors:
-Unvisited: pink
-Visited: dark pink
-Active: pink
-Hover: dark pink
* Link Decorations: flipping and glow
* Any Details/Anything Else:
* Any Questions/Comments:
could you put a star in between the comments thanks
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[22 Jul 2004|05:36pm]

Request!Collapse )

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//+__ new [22 Jul 2004|06:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

++ hey there. <3
`` i do layout designs,
`` i can also make the backgrounds
`` when i know what you want. =/
`` i joined; because the owner said shes
`` the only one that does the layouts
`` and its no fun when theres only one person
`` doing it. <3
`` thought i might be able to help her, if
`` she wants/needs.
`` so yeah.


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[21 Jul 2004|01:18pm]

ok i must say that I am getting pretty upset that people keep asking me to do banners, resize pictures, etc. i clearly state that I do not do this in the rules..please read those before you post a request..if you need a banner done or want writing on something, get it done beforehand so i won*t have to bother other people and make them do it for me..thank you
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